Pre-Paid Funerals

Nobody knows your preferences quite like you. We can ensure your wishes are known while saving your family the emotional and financial stress of having to organise your funeral service, ahead of time. We offer a range of pre-paid funeral services to ensure your final celebration goes ahead just as you had imagined. Our caring and professional staff can help you plan your entire service, from the community notices and venue, through to the final touches, including vehicles, flowers and music. Contact Lance Boots Funerals today for more information about funeral pre-planning and payment arrangements.

Personalised Funeral Services

We specialise in the small touches that make for a perfect memorial service. Planning a funeral for a loved one can be a stressful and emotionally difficult experience. Lance Boots Funerals is committed to ensuring each funeral service is a moving and memorable celebration of the individual and their life. We'll take care of all the small, personal touches, from the music and flowers, through to service cards and celebrant. If you're planning a memorial and want to ensure it's a truly special and fitting occasion, speak to the professionals at Lance Boots Funerals. We'll be happy to accommodate any requests and make sure the entire planning process is as simple as it can be.

Service Cards

Our team is invested in ensuring the funeral arrangement process is as simple and efficient as possible. If you wish to provide guests with a special keepsake, we will be happy to organise professional, personalised service cards. We'll take the time to get to know your unique requirements and recommend a selection of readings, poems or quotes, if required. We will also arrange for the design and print of the cards, ensuring they are distributed to attendees on the day. For more information about our full suite of funeral services, contact Lance Boots Funerals today.

Funeral Flowers

The friendly and compassionate staff at Lance Boots Funerals are able to arrange all the small touches that make a funeral a personalised and memorable day. Our elegant flower arrangements can add a sentimental touch, brightening the atmosphere of a funeral service. Different flowers have different meanings and are a traditional way of honouring your loved one. We'll be happy to give you friendly advice about arrangement options that might be most suited to the venue and theme of the service. Contact the team at Lance Boots Funerals today for more information about our flower packages and full suite of funeral arrangement services.

Funeral Arrangement

You don't have to plan alone. Deciding on a venue, whether to bury or cremate your loved one, and which music will be most appropriate can add to the stress and emotion of planning a fitting and respectful funeral service. Our staff have years of experience assisting with all of the finer details involved in planning a meaningful memorial. We are on call to offer you friendly advice and will be happy to accommodate any special requirements that ensure the day is a fitting and memorable tribute to your loved one. Call the Team at Lance Boots Funerals today.

Burial and Cremation Services

The team at Lance Boots Funerals know how confusing and heart-wrenching the grief of losing a loved one is. There are many big decisions to be made, and the funeral planning process can be a stressful and emotional period of time. The decision between burial and cremation can be a particularly difficult decision. Our team can give you all of the information you need to help make the process as easy as it can be; we are committed to offering friendly, compassionate advice relating to all aspects of the funeral service. Contact Lance Boots Funerals today.

Funeral Music

Music is a powerful and moving way to personalise a funeral service. It can take careful consideration to decide which song or arrangement will be most fitting to successfully pay tribute to a person's life and individuality. The friendly staff at Lance Boots Funerals will be happy to help you with any audio-visual requirements or offer assistance in the music selection process. We know how to ensure a unique and meaningful service. Contact Lance Boost Funerals today for more information about our funeral arrangement services and how we can make the planning process as simple as possible.

Coffin & Casket Selection

Lance Boots Funerals has built a reputation for professional and personalised funeral services. We can help with all aspects of the planning process, including casket or coffin selection. With a large choice of professionally crafted products, we can help you make a decision between the colour, shape, material and fitting variations available in our range. We specialise in all the finishing touches that make a memorial service highly personalised and unique to the individual. Trust a funeral director with years of experience offering professional, compassionate funeral services and a commitment to making the planning process as simple and efficient as possible. Contact Lance Boot Funerals today.


There's a lot to think about when it comes to planning a memorable funeral service or wake. Lance Boots Funerals can organise a professional catering package to ensure all guests are provided for on the day. Catering options are flexible and can range from a small morning tea setup following the service, to a hot or cold canapé menu for guests at the wake. All food is prepared fresh and delivered on the day of the service. Call the team at Lance Boot Funerals for more information about our catering service providers and menu options.