What Happens Now

The loss of a loved one is never a pleasant affair, and making arrangements can be a daunting task. Here at Lance Boots Funerals, we aim to aid you in the necessary arrangements where possible. Below is information for what to do after your loved one passes, depending on the circumstance.

  • If the death occurs in a hospital, call our funeral director when you are ready.
  • If the death occurs in a nursing home, notify the nursing home of funeral director chosen.
  • If death occurs at home:
    • If sudden/unexpected, with no doctor involved, you must call the police.
    • If the deceased has been treated, make arrangements with the doctor, and follow their instructions.
    • After doctor has attended, you may phone our funeral director to arrange transfer.

Once our funeral director has been informed, we will meet with you—either at our office, or at your home—to arrange the funeral.



Questions Asked

When you meet with our funeral director, the following questions will be asked:

  • Full name of the deceased.
  • Where the deceased was born.
  • Their father's and mother's full name (including maiden name)
  • Marriage details (if applicable)
    • Marriage location.
    • Marriage date.
    • To whom.
  • Children's names & dates of birth (if applicable).
  • Whether you would like a burial or a cremation.
  • Where you would like the service held (such as a church, chapel, graveside). Please feel free to ask for assistance if you are not sure.
  • Whether you would like a minister or a celebrant.
  • Whether you would like any floral tributes
  • Whether there is specific clothing that you would like the deceased to wear.
  • Whether there will be any:
    • Press notices.
    • Viewings.
    • Service sheets.
    • DVDs.
  • Whether you will require any catering services.


All the above questions will be discussed at the meet, and we will provide you with any assistance you need.